Football Dev Squad

The football development squad aims to bridge the gap from those just missing out or overlooked for scholorships with pro clubs. Our aim is to give another oportunity to players we belive have what it takes to make pro or semi pro football players. If you havn't got a scholorship with a pro club but still have aspirations to become a footballer then this is the oportunity for you. Selection is by participating in our trial events throughout the year when we will select a squad of 22 players who we belive can progress.

Not only do we develop footballers, each year we have an opening for a video/performance analyst and football coach where you will be part of the squad staff and involved in every acspect of the program, gaining valuble experiance over a 2 year period and often involved with new and pioneering projects, you will be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to applying for jobs within the football industry to progress with your carear.



T Test Left

Testing for football - Football Cliches. He's Quick, how quick, good feet, why? We aim to breakdown the guess work and provide evidence of player speed, agility, on and off the ball. Coming soon!

SiS GO Hydro

T Test Left

Hydration - SiS GO Hydro. Dont let hydration effect your performance - Artice from SiS on how SiS GO Hydro can improve your hydration status and performance? SiS GO Hydro >